Afro Nation Detroit - Terms and conditions

Booking Conditions


"EVENT HORIZON ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED" is a UK-registered company with Company Number 11798757, operating the festival "Afro Nation Detroit," where tickets, addons, and hospitality services (hereafter referred to as "Product and Services") may be purchased.

The following Booking Conditions set forth the terms and conditions governing the purchase of Tickets and Hospitality from us. Please read them carefully, as they establish all rights and obligations.


"Ticket(s)": Refers to primary festival tickets directly allocated by us and offered for sale.

"Product and Services": Includes festival tickets, addons (e.g., merchandise), and hospitality tables.

"You" and "Your": Refer to the first named person on the booking and all individuals on whose behalf the booking is made.

'Us', "We", and "Our" shall pertain to Afro Nation Detroit, and our associated business partners."

These Booking Conditions set out the terms applicable to purchases of Tickets and Hospitality from us. If you are purchasing or wish to purchase from us, please see


Your contract begins once we confirm your order and ends immediately after the completion of the festival for which you have purchased “Product and Services”.

A booking is considered made with us upon your payment (either in full or the first payment plan installment). By making a booking with us, the lead booker agrees that:

He/she has read and has the authority to be bound by these Booking Conditions.

A booking fee applies to all “Product and Services” advertised and sold on our website.

He/she consents to our use of personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is authorized to disclose personal details of all individuals on the booking, including special categories of data (e.g., health conditions, disabilities, dietary requirements) where applicable.

He/she accepts financial responsibility for payment of the booking in its entirety.

He/she consents to the use of his/her likeness in any film, photography, audio, and/or audiovisual recording without compensation, to be exploited in any media for any purpose worldwide. This includes filming by the police or security staff for customer security or crime prevention. An objection to such use must be made in writing to Valid credit or debit card issued in the lead booker's name is required.

We reserve the right to make changes to the booking conditions, and any updates will be posted on our website. We recommend checking them regularly to stay informed about the current terms.

All purchases are subject to the applicable version of these Booking Conditions published at the time of purchase. If you do not agree with any revised version of these Booking Conditions, or cannot comply with it, you agree not to purchase them. 


We offer various types of tickets, which will be clearly defined at the time of purchase through Afro Nation. Additionally, addons and hospitality tables may be sold at separate and additional prices.

By making a purchase, you agree that all “Product and Services” are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Special Note: We do not sell packages, travel, or flights; therefore, no refunds will be granted for issues related to the performance or booking of flights and other travel arrangements associated with attending our festival.


Unless such rights have arisen under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, you agree not to issue any chargebacks or otherwise dispute transactions with your payment card issuer against us (“Chargeback”). 

Your rights to refunds and other claims shall be governed solely by the terms of these Booking Conditions. 

If you initiate a Chargeback or make a demand for payment, we are entitled to take reasonable steps to ensure you are not paid twice for the same claim. This may include suspending any obligations we may have to pay you under these Booking Conditions (or otherwise) until the Chargeback or claim is finally determined, and the time limit for any challenge or appeal has expired. 

If you have defaulted on a payment plan or cancelled your booking with us [as detailed in clause 12], you will not be entitled to chargeback your credit or debit card and we will use this clause as evidence to defend any chargeback attempts. 


Advertised festival start times are subject to change. Door opening and closing times do not indicate the festival's start or end time (or when an artist is scheduled to play or the length of the artist's performance), all of which remain at our and/or the artist's discretion and may be subject to change.

In the event that you are refused entry into our festival due to missing the designated entry deadline, Afro Nation Detroit shall not be held liable for issuing a refund or compensation. We strongly advise all customers to plan their trip in advance and adhere to the specified entry times.

We reserve the right to alter the artist lineup and/or the festival's program without obligation to refund or exchange tickets. Such changes will be deemed minor/immaterial changes.

Security searches may be conducted on patrons, and admission may be refused to individuals breaching or suspected of breaching these Booking Conditions.

Trading or promotional activities within the site require our prior written consent. Goods using unauthorized logos must be surrendered to festival staff.

Admission to the festival is subject to the terms of admission of the relevant venue. Certain items (e.g., laser pens, mobile phones, dogs - except guide dogs - and patrons' own food and drink) may be prohibited. Unauthorized use of photographic and/or recording equipment is also prohibited, and such material may be destroyed or deleted. The use of drones or similar equipment near the festival venue is strictly prohibited.

Patrons must not enter the site if they believe they may have been infected with Covid-19 or are displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

We or the venue reserve the right to refuse admission or remove any person from the venue for reasons of public safety, unacceptable behavior likely to cause damage, nuisance, or injury, or for any breach of Booking Conditions. No reimbursement or refund will be provided in such cases.

Unless expressly authorized, pass-outs or re-admissions of any kind are not allowed.

By attending our festival, you agree to be photographed, filmed, and/or recorded for safety and security purposes, including filming by the police. Resulting photographs, videos, audio recordings, and/or audio-visual recordings may be used in any media worldwide.

Prolonged exposure to loud music or noise may damage hearing, so adequate ear protection is advised. Special effects, including sound, audio-visual, pyrotechnic, or lighting effects, may not be suitable for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions.

Ticket holders should anticipate queues at the entry gate and arrive in time for the first act they 

wish to see; no refunds will be provided for missed acts.


We will not be liable or provide compensation for our contractual obligations affected by Events Beyond Our Control, which are events beyond our or our supplier's control, and the consequences of which could not have been avoided even with reasonable measures. Examples include, but are not limited to, warfare, acts of terrorism or threat thereof, civil strife, significant risks to human safety and health (e.g., serious disease outbreaks, epidemics, pandemics, including the ongoing effects of Covid-19), natural disasters (e.g., floods, earthquakes, or weather conditions making travel unsafe), acts of any government or authority, industrial disputes, labor strikes, lock closure, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, chemical or biological disasters, unavoidable technical problems with transport, and all similar events beyond our or the supplier(s) concerned's control.

In the event that the festival is called off early due to circumstances beyond our control, we hereby assert that we shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or compensation arising from such situations.

It is your responsibility to ensure you can enter the country where the festival is held. If you purchase a ticket and are denied entry into the United States due to restrictions imposed by the country's officials, this is considered an event beyond our control, and no refund will be granted.

Special Note: No refund or exchange of tickets will be issued if elements outside of our control affect your ability to attend the festival, including but not limited to travel restrictions from your country of origin or where the festival is held in the United States, quarantine, and vaccination requirements, etc.


You represent and warrant that the information you submit to us regarding your account and use of our Product and Services is true, accurate, and complete, and you will not use any false information, including contact details.

You represent and warrant that you will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and these Booking Conditions and any other applicable conditions in using our website.

You hereby indemnify and hold harmless us and our affiliates, along with their officers, directors, employees, and agents, against any losses, damages, expenses (including reasonable legal fees), liabilities, claims, and demands arising from your breach of these Booking Conditions or any other applicable conditions, breach of laws or regulations, or breach of third-party rights.


To the maximum extent permitted by law, we (including our affiliates, parent undertakings, subsidiaries, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, legal representatives, and sub-contractors) and our relevant Suppliers shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to any person or property howsoever caused:

(a) in any circumstances where there is no breach of contract, or a legal duty of care owed by us or our suppliers.

(b) in circumstances where such loss or damage is not directly a result of any such breach (save for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence); or

(c) to the extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from your negligence or breach of these Booking Conditions, any other applicable conditions, or any laws or regulations.

We are not responsible for any internet connection errors experienced while using our Product and Services.

Nothing in these Booking Conditions seeks to exclude or limit our or any liability for death or personal injury caused by our or any of our suppliers' negligence, fraud, or other type of liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.


We will use the contact details provided at the time of ticket purchase to communicate with you. It is your responsibility to inform us immediately of any changes to your contact details, whether before or after receipt of “Product and Services”. Please ensure you provide a valid email address as this is our preferred method of communication. Please check your junk/spam folders for our emails.

By making a purchase with us, you agree to contact us at for queries or complaints regarding your purchase or event experience prior to filing a dispute with your bank. 


These Booking Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with American Law, and both you and we agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of American courts in relation to any dispute arising from or connected to these Booking Conditions.

If any provision of these Booking Conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable pursuant to the law of any applicable jurisdiction, this shall not affect the legality, validity, or enforceability of any other provision in that jurisdiction.

If any provision of these Booking Conditions is found invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, that provision shall be omitted from these Booking Conditions, and the other provisions shall remain in full force and operate separately.

Our delay or failure to enforce any provision of these Booking Conditions does not constitute a waiver of our right to do so.


Cancellation by Us: 

In the unfortunate event that we must cancel a festival, we are committed to providing written confirmation of the cancellation. Additionally, we will communicate the details of our refund timeline and process to all affected parties. 

Regrettably, we cannot assume liability for any expenses or losses you may incur due to the festival's cancellation. 

It is essential to note that any fees associated with amendments or bookings, whether previously paid or agreed upon, are strictly non-refundable under any circumstances. 

 Cancellation by You: 

If you fail to meet your payment plan obligations in a timely manner, despite three diligent attempts by us to process the payment, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. In this scenario, you shall not be entitled to request a refund. 

We wish to emphasise that our products and services are offered on a non-refundable basis, and as such, we cannot accept refund requests from our customers.